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Diversity of Mesozoic - Cenozoic petrified trees in lower Northern Thailand and their implications on palaeoenvironment

Project Brief

The project aims to study a minimum of 150 samples of petrified trees and plant organs from several provinces in northern Thailand, including Tak, Kampaeng Phet, Phichit, Phisanulok, and Chiang Mai. The research focuses on wood identification, palaeoenvironment reconstruction, and palaeoclimate reconstruction. Additionally, the project involves investigating rocks and sediments in Phichit province to verify their age. The main areas of investigation include the systematic affinities of fossil wood in lower northern Thailand, the study of palaeoenvironment and palaeoclimate in northern Thailand, the taphonomy of the petrified forests in lower northern Thailand, and the examination of palaeophytogeography, specifically the distribution of woody vegetation in Asia.

This project is supported by the State Key Laboratory on Palaeobiology and Stratigraphy (Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology),  China.

The Team



Protecting the World’s Lost and Ancient Forests

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