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Welcome to
Petrified Wood Virtual Museum

Originally founded by Mike Viney in 2008, all resources here are curated by professionals and amateurs in Paleobotany. Please use the materials here for educational purposes.


Copyright & Museum Usage

Texts, illustrations, and pictures exhibited in The Virtual Petrified Wood Museum are protected by copyright and belong to Mike Viney (except for vintage postcards and guest articles, which include the name of the author). No part of the Virtual Petrified Wood Museum may be reproduced commercially in any form without written consent by the publisher. Materials on this website may be used and distributed in the classroom for non-commercial, educational purposes. If you use information from this website for research in writing an article for publication, school, or a T.V. production, please cite as:
Viney, M. (2008). The Virtual Petrified Wood Museum, 
Name of Guest Author. (2008). In Viney, M. [Ed]. The Virtual Petrified Wood Museum,

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