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Exploring the lost flora and fauna from the Stone Age in Mount Popa Geopark, Myanmar

Project Brief

The project “Exploring lost flora and fauna from the Stone Age in Mount Popa Geopark, Myanmar ” will investigate fossil trees and ancient elephant fossils, unearthed in the Mount Popa Geopark and use these fossils as conservation flagship symbols. From both the paleontological and the paleoanthropologic perspectives these fossils are of critical importance; The hand-adzes, scrapers, flakes recognized from the Anyathian Culture and made of petrified wood. The Mt. Popa Geopark contains some of the most important sites. We will work as an international multidisciplinary team including geologists, a paleobotanist, a vertebrate paleontologist, and several storytellers to perform 4 main functions 1) Identify petrified wood to understand the past plant diversity, environment and climatic changes 2) Study elephant fossils to investigate their diversity 3) Strengthen the relationship between local people and the Mt. Popa natural resources 4) Perform educational programs and storytelling between explorers and local community members as a first step towards conservation planning. We expect to increase public awareness in conservation for sustainable development and reduce sales of these valuable resources abroad.

The Team



Protecting the World’s Lost and Ancient Forests

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