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Nareerat Boonchai

Executive Director, Founder


Aom is deeply passionate about trees, forests, and museums. To her, petrified wood is like a captivating page from a prehistoric book. The remarkable cell structures, preserved in stone, are like the silent language of trees, waiting to unveil the mysteries of their past. Her fascination with petrified wood blossomed during her childhood when she, alongside her parents, discovered wood-like stone pebbles. Encouraged and inspired by her family's unwavering support, Aom embarked on a career to uncover the stories held within petrified trees. After two decades of international work and extensive research, Aom realized the substantial work yet to be accomplished in this specialized STEM field. With only a handful of specialists available, a noticeable gap persists between researchers, amateurs, and conservators. Furthermore, research opportunities and funding often remain confined within specific regions, nationalities, and institutions.


Motivated by these insights, she founded Friends of Fossil Forests, an organization that transcends boundaries to foster collaboration and mutual support among its members. Aom leads national and international research projects on petrified wood, employing an interdisciplinary and convergence research approach. She designs captivating museum exhibits, organizes educational outreach initiatives, and co-develops conservation programs. Her dedication lies in empowering local communities and related organizations to establish protected areas that synthesize geoeducation, conservation efforts, and sustainable development.

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