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Update from US Fieldwork

This May 2023, our US team is starting their fieldwork. Here below are some pictures for your update.

The Board of Directors of Friends of Fossil Forests convened their first in-person meeting on May 27, 2023 ©Julian

A paleobotanist STEM kit was tested by both an EOC educator and a paleobotanist to assess its effectiveness and educational value. (May 29, 2023) ©Nareerat Boonchai

Our photographer, a paleobotanist, and the EOC director actively tested the new microscope and paleobotanist STEM kit to evaluate their effectiveness and educational value. (May 29, 2023) © Nareerat Boonchai

Paleobotanists, educators, and citizen scientists are collaborating to review and verify the map of the fossil wood site in preparation for their upcoming fieldwork. (May 28) © Nareerat Boonchai

Paleobotanists and an educator had an enjoyable time exploring a collection of fossil wood that was generously provided in a giveaway box. © Nareerat Boonchai

Two graduate students, specializing in paleobotany, had a wonderful learning experience as they polished petrified wood at a citizen scientist's lab. © Nareerat Boonchai

Researchers used a zoom lens to examine dicot fossil wood specimens before deciding to cut and create thin sections for further analysis. © Nareerat Boonchai


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