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The Forgotten Forests:
Adapting the first multilingual STEAM kits to inspire the next generation of paleobotanist in Indonesia

Project Brief

This project aims to introduce and change the perspective of local students about the field of paleobotany in Indonesia. Aiming to inspire them to be involved in this field, this project is developing educational toolkits and raising public awareness of geo-heritage and the importance of paleobotany in the Indonesian context. The primary workshop will be done in Bali for local students in this center of tourism area where fossil wood is widely available for sale, and prepared toolkits will also be donated to relevant museums and STEM teachers from various schools so they can be shared with other students in the future.

Supported by the National Geographic Society, the main event will be carried out in 2024, while the team is now collecting knowledge databases and specimens available from traders around Bali (where expats and interior designers mostly collect these valuable decorations), as well as in the process of adapting the toolkit from US team to Indonesian context.

Read more about paleobotany in Indonesia here.

The Team

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Puspita Insan Kamil

Social Psychologist,

Project Lead


Hanny Oktariani


Expert Consulltant


Diny Hartiningtias


Content Consultant

Sri Junantari.jpg

Sri Junantari

STEM Teacher,

Field Assistant

Sri Apriani.JPG

Sri Apriani

Social Media Expert,




Protecting the World’s Lost and Ancient Forests

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