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fossil forests
around the world

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Our Story

A Community of Paleobotany Researchers & Enthusiasts

Paleobotany is the study of fossil plants. Much like how paleontologists dig up and study extinct dinosaurs, paleobotanists hunt for plant remains that are millions of years old! At Friends of Fossil Forests, we seek to inspire the next generation of paleobotanists, explore the implications that plant fossils can give us about past environments, and understand the evolution and ecology of ancient plants.

Paleobotany Resources 

We provide a one-stop place for you to download free resources of paleobotany here

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Virtual Museum

Look closer to our petrified wood virtual collections

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What We Do

Read more about our projects across the world


Have fossils in your area? We can help curate and protect them. Help us by submitting a specimen or donate to us


Explore the World Map of Petrified Forest Sites

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Latest News, Events, and Update

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